Growing up in Southwest Wisconsin, Molly started honing her career as a hairstylist at a very young age. Being the youngest of four girls, she became interested in hair and makeup by watching her older sisters and their friends get ready for their high school dances.

Her first big moment in her career came when she was in 6th grade. One of her older sisters needed a last minute hairstylist... the night of her senior prom. Molly collected all of the Bobbi pins around the house, borrowed her mom’s hairspray, and plugged in a curling iron. Her sister’s hair turned out beautiful and that was when she knew she was born to do hair.

From then on, Molly started creating updos and braided styles on all of her friends. Eventually she bought a mannequin head  to practice on. She taught herself how to create different styles, photographed them, and put them in a book to start her first portfolio.

Molly was inspired, driven, and determined to chase her dream. Through a state program, she was able to attend beauty school at 17 years old, and as a senior in high school. This was a big commitment considering beauty school was full time. It kept Molly from attending her very last year of high school with her peers, and from participating in any sports. Becoming a stylist was more important though. She graduated high school in May 2007 and three months later, she was a beauty school graduate and a licensed cosmetologist.  

After doing hair for 7 years in Wisconsin, Molly took a leap of faith in 2014 and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Not knowing anyone, she started bartending and freelancing as a hair stylist. Since then, she has made connections, relationships, and friendships with many different people. One of the first people she met in Nashville was Sean, a singer/songwriter from Alabama. They became best friends, and by June of 2017, they were married.
Today, Molly is a full time freelance hairstylist doing over 40 weddings a season and offering  on-location styling for fashion, editorial, production, film, red carpet and other events. She’s attended advanced training classes in Nashville, Chicago, and Atlanta. She has worked on set for Nashville’s 48 hour film project, and has styled hair for shows like Talent Watch, Balcony TV, and In Charge Country. Her hairstyles have been featured in fashion runway shows for RAW: Natural Born Artists, and New York Fashion Week.

Molly recently was a part of the glam team that styled New Vocal Group of the Year Nominees, Runaway June, for the 53rd Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Available for film/commercial/editorial/fashion/production/weddings. Please e-mail all inquiries to